This page only contains projects which are available in English. Please take a look at the German page for a complete list of projects.

Finished projects

  • Convert a Power Mac G5 to ATX with USB 3 front panel (2016)
    The beautiful Power Mac G5 case was converted to ATX and the original look of the front was retained, but the front panel was converted to USB 3.

  • Samsung Chromebook XE303C12 (2014)
    Install Linux on this Chromebook and convert the SD card slot to a microSD card slot. This way, the microSD card doesn’t stick out.

  • Autobaud UART (2011)
    A device that talks any baud rate, by Jeroen Domburg.

  • Lenovo USB keyboard SK-8855 (2011)
    The classic IBM/Lenovo Thinkpad keyboard and Trackpoint, with a USB connector. It was just quite thin and flexible.

  • Dragon Isolator (2010) Owning an AVR Dragon, I wanted to add galvanic isolation from the host system to it. ESD protection and isolated debugWire support were also added.

  • Electronic gas meter (2009) A gas counter was extended with a circuit to count the mechanical impulses and output them via a serial interface – without tampering with the gas meter.