Welcome, Hugo!

It’s been a long time since I’ve written anything here. That’s partially due to my work that occupies me since three years and leaves me little time to expand this site. Also, the old ikiwiki setup that ran this site broke multiple times. That raised the bar every time I wanted to add something here.

But there’s good news: Multiple things are waiting to be published here!

The new version of this site should have been run with Hexo, but I discovered too many flaky or missing features. For example, only blog posts may have tags and categories, but that’s disallowed for pages. Also, many templates heavily refrence external JavaScript files. That was not my vision of a static site.

I ended up using Hugo. Strangely, the “not invented here” syndrome is also quite strong here. But now I finally understand what a good tool ikiwiki has been all the years. It was slow, but had all the features that I needed or could ever want. Except speed and pretty themes.

So I added to Hugo all the trivial things that I missed:

  • floating images (it’s 2018, just a reminder)
  • simple scaling of images
  • one RSS feed per site, not per listing/tag/…

To transflavour ikiwiki’s Markdown to Hugo’s, I made a small D script. It still needs more tweaking, e.g. for images and links that point to a parent direrectory. Anyway, maybe you find it useful as a starting point: